Crappie Fishing Trip

Without a doubt there is nothing like the taste of cold water crappie. In my opinion, crappie is the best of all table fish. There is so many ways to prepare crappie but my favorite recipe is fried with yellow cornbread batter.

Today would be a good time to prepare for this season's crappie fishing trips. It doesn't matter if you fish from the bank, boat docks or out of a boat, preparation is the key to a successful fishing trip.

For me, this time is spent cleaning, oiling reels and spooling on some new mono line. You can get by with heavier pound test if the water you plan to fish is stained. While fishing clearer water, you should use lighter pound test line.

Reorganize your tackle box and make notes of what you need to pick up at your favorite tackle shop. Tie fresh knots, some with jigheads, others with gold hooks for minnows, so you'll be ready for that first trip.

I like a 1/8 ounce jighead with a plastic filler similar to a roadrunner or tube jig. Dark colors in dingy water and yellow and white or light colors in clear water work best for me.

If you have a boat, charge your batteries, check for life jackets and be sure your anchor ropes are not rotted. Don't forget to check the trailer tires for proper inflation and the fire extinguisher is fully charged.

A flashlight and a small bag of tools might come in handy, store them in one of your waterproof compartments.

Some of my fondest memories while growing up was spending the weekend fishing the spring crappie bite at Lake Eufaula. As often as possible, we would load up the fishing gear and head for the lake. Whether it was night or day, we'd start out crappie fishing with slip corks and 2 gold hook crappie riggings baited with minnows. We would spend hours fishing from the bank.

After a hard week at work this would, for a short time, help us forget or help solve a lot of problems. A weekend at the lake can be the best stress reducing medicine available.

Now, we're guiding fishing trips from our home north of McAlester, it's a dream come true.

Dennis Keener GuideDennis Keener is a fishing guide on Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma, near McAlester OK.




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