Lake Eufaula Fishing

Lake Eufaula is located in east-central Oklahoma in McIntosh and Pittsburgh counties. Being the largest lake in Oklahoma and 15th in the USA, approximately 600 miles of shoreline and 102,200 surface acres offers plenty of fishing opportunity. Lake Eufaula is a favorite for black bass, crappie, white bass, and lunker catfish. There's also a growing population of Kentucky bass as well.

Crappie fishing on Lake Eufaula Oklahoma

Article: Today would be a good time to prepare for this season's crappie fishing trips. It doesn't matter if you fish from the bank, boat docks or out of a boat, preparation is the key to a successful fishing more crappie fishing trip

Crappie Fishing Tip: While fishing from a boat dock or out of a boat (in other words, straight down with a tight line) and using an open bale, spin cast type reel, should you catch a crappie, place a rubber band around your spool to mark the exact depth. One thing about crappie, they are repetitious. If your not catching any crappie, its most likely time for a change of bait or depth. If your lucky enough to catch a few, just stay with it because there's a lot more crappie to repeat that same pattern.

Directions to Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma